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Day 60


We have some very special visitors at the moment, my husbands wonderful family. I adore all of them. Sometimes people are blessed with a wonderful immdeiate family, and sometimes people are blessed with wonderful in laws, I am one of the very lucky few that are blessed with both an incredible biological family and the best in law family that I could ever wish for. I love that my children have all these people who they can look up to, cherish and love as we do. We are so very lucky.

My brother in law has been away for a long time and we are so very pleased that he is home. The kids look up to him as the awesomely cool uncle that they want to grow up and be like. It’s wonderful to watch.

I took quite a few pictures today but these are my favorites. We went for a walk this morning while the boys went and picked up Shane, and then I insisted on some pictures before Ad and Shane went for a round of golf, and whats a round of golf without a beer?  They picked up Will and surprised him with a boys afternoon of Golf Buggy driving and a game. That boy was so happy when I dropped them off, I could feel his excitement. He asked me if I was going and I said “no” and he said “COOL! Boy afternoon.” I smiled, he loves his Da, and Shane is near a Demi-god lol.

Good day, wonderful visitors, happy families. Smiling boys, tired boys 😀

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Day 59


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Day 58


It was so hot today. As soon as we got out of the car after the school pick up the boys raced outside, stripped off, and turned the sprinkler on.

It’s a cheap sprinkler so the hose kept busting off at the attachment. This resulted in riots of laughter as they tried to avoid the hose snaking about in the air. Getting sick of reattaching the hose, the boys settled for manual handling the snakelike hose which resulted in more fun and laughter as they chased each other in a game of “wet the other kid – but be careful not to get Eli or Mummy” as both of them get cross if they get wet.

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Day 57


They boys out the front of Pa and Nans house just before we left to go back home. It’s been a wonderful weekend full of love and laughter, beautiful family, and wonderful old friends. Time to go home 🙂

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Day 56


We were heading to Bathurst because a school friend of mine is turning thirty, and her family had organised a surprise party. Though it was a long trip for such a short time, I was very grateful we were able to make it. We stayed with my parents who looked after the kids while Adam and I enjoyed a rare night out. It was a dress up party, something starting with A was the theme. Adam and I dressed as The Addams Family, well two of them anyway. Morticia and Gomez. How funny is Adams mo? When we got to the club a few ladies started laughing and one lady asked him if it was real? In hindsight I wish we had of said it was that would have set their tongues wagging. They must have thought we dressed like this normally, ha ha.

The party was awesome fun. Many of my favorite friends from school were there so it was a wonderful way to catch up again, and nice for Adam to meet them all too.


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Day 55


We headed to Bathurst for a very fleeting visit, I wished it could have been for longer but it just wasn’t possible.

Two of the munchkins in the car. They are so very well travelled these boys, and thus travel very well. We have DVD players in the headrests of the seats in front of them so they sit and watch movies, play games or sleep. They look forward to the trips because of the final destination, but I think also, because of the food they get to eat on the journey. We have EXTREMELY limited take away options where we live, a great thing for many reasons but a crap thing at the same time. As they so rarely have it ordinarily, we let them have McDonalds and KFC on our trips. We eat in the car and just keep driving, they get out for wee stops when they need, and if it’s a very long trip we find playgrounds on the route. But as it’s only max of 6 hours to Bathurst we just keep on going. The boys are used to being in the car and they are so well behaved, and every time we make these trips to Bathurst I am so grateful that we don’t live two days drive away anymore.

One of the things I am asked on a regular basis is “Can we go to DustyBeau and Mitch’s house?” They are the boys cousins, very similar in age and my boys just adore them all. I love it when I can say “YES” and they get sooo super excited and run around packing all fashion of things into their suitcases. We also got to see Marli and Indie but I didn’t take any pics of them at all 😦 I wish I had of though…

Below are three pics, the first of the youngest and the eldest in the car. Yes, Eli is drinking popcorn chicken from the box… What can I say… I have no words… lol.

The next two are of the Stocks boys and my boys making a lemonade stand, it was very cute. They had just had ice creams and some of them were completely covered in choc. I paid for my lemonade (which tasted bloody awful, though they all LOVED it) with kisses and was then treated to a show from Dusty, Wills and Beau. Their little minds are so creative, I do love to watch them play and hear their stories.

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Day 54


Eli has reached the age where he is very difficult to photograph. He rarely looks at me with the camera and is usually bouncing around busy, busy avoiding my lens. I took him into our bedroom this morning where he loves to jump on the bed and roll around in the covers, we have a huge bed and clearly he thinks of it as his personal trampoline. Got some cute shots too, Yay! 🙂

LOVE LOVE his eyes, they are this cool in real life, and no I do not retouch them at all. They are just really cool! He has this huge mouth and when he grins his smile takes up so much of his adorable face. And those eyes glimmer with mischief.

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Day 53


The boys settling in for an early evening movie, they were watching “Spirit” It’s an animation about horses, one of the very few movies that they had not yet seen. Mac n cheese for the boys for dinner, it’s their favorite. A wine or two for Adam and I as he had come home bearing good news.

I love my family, I love my life. I’m so lucky to have these wonderful little boys to snuggle and cuddle everyday, and a wonderful husband to snuggle at night. 🙂

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Day 52


My beautiful Archie. He learned how to swing on the swings all by himself over the last few days, clever boy! Aaannndd Eli learned to pedal the trike all by himself.

I have similar pictures of William about the same age and wanted some of Archie too. Gosh he is a sweetheart. I do find it incredibly difficult to say no to those puppy-dog eyes. xx

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Day 51


Watermelon, watermelon…. I love, you love, watermelon! (These make me sing songs by Justine Clark)

My kids LOVE watermelon. It brings back memories of my childhood, being told to take our melon outside for the mess was too much for indoor eating. So we would sit outside in the sun scoffing down giant pieces of watermelon, the juices running down our hands to our elbows, where it would drip off onto the pavement below. Spitting out the seeds as we came to them and savoring the cool, sweet fruit as a welcome break in long hot summer days.

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