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Day 179

Wednesday 27.06.2012

We have been shaving our kids hair for about a year now, mostly because the youngest one really hates having his hair cut; and the eldest has such thick hair, and it gets so hot in summer. We decided to head back to the hair dressers for a nice haircut today.

I was dreading it. 3 boys in a confined space. That confined space containing mummy-scary but kid-loving types of things… Spinning chairs, dyes and brushes, spaceship look-a-like hair dryers, sinks that look a bit like urinals, lots of spay cans and bottles…

I prepared. I charged the Ipad, made sure I had the phone. I even took my camera on the off chance that I could take a few shots afterward if the rain held out.

I must say, the boys were brilliant. They were so good that the lady commented on how well behaved they were, “You wouldn’t even know they were here!” She said. Oh the power of technology. Thank you 🙂

While we were there, Will pulled out the camera and wandered around taking shots of whatever took his fancy. I love looking at photos taken by the kids, they see things so uniquely different to what we do. It’s very refreshing.

So these are taken by Will… imperfection VS creativity.

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Day 178

Tuesday 26.06.2012

Little Arch had his four year old check up and needles today 😦 Two little bandaids to show Dad where it hurt. My least favorite vaccination age is the four years one. I hate them all, of course, but the 4 year old one is the worst. They know what’s going on, they know it’s going to hurt, and they try so hard to act brave…. it breaks my heart. On the up side, we only have one more vaccination until we are done with them until the boys are teens. Woo hoo.

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Day 177

Monday 25.06.2012

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Day 176

Sunday 24.06.2012

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Day 175

Saturday 23.06.2012

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Day 174

Friday 22.06.2012

Arch and Wills making water spray painting on the fence.

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Day 173

Thursday 21.06.2012

Aww a bit of brotherly love before school this morning… I’ll pretend that I hadn’t just walked in on them trowing their soft toys and teddies at each other…

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Day 172

Wednesday 20.06.2012

Hanging at the playground. Eli likes the baby swing still… I think he is trying to hold on to being the “baby” of the family, or maybe that’s me. He does love to be “babied” though 🙂 Arch is going crazy-Archie, doing huge jumps off the swings at full height. I cringe with every jump, hoping and praying he doesn’t hurt himself.

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Day 171

Tuesday 19.06.2012

The boys decided it would be fun to play in the laundry baskets… “Who is hiding down in the basket, until someone opens the lid…. It’s Eli and Archie!” Not long after this I went to have a shower and I came out to find these two little monkeys hiding in Eli’s bedroom with the door closed. I listened at the door. There was lots of giggling, and then the unmistakeable sound of chocolate foil crunching. Little monkey Archie had climbed all the way up to the cupboard above the range hood and fished out the chocolate bar I had secreted away. I’ve no doubt Eli asked him to do it as he is the family chocoholic.

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Day 170

Monday 18.06.2012

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