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Day 365

Sunday 30.12.2012

The boys were so very spoiled this year and were gifted a jumping castle / water slide from their Nanny and Poppy. It’s cool, like really really really awesomely cool. I wish I could go on it… I’m 10kg too heavy. 😦 It has a bouncy part, a dart board, a basket ball ring thing, a water slide, a wading pool, and a water canon.

I usually have a lot of trouble getting Eli to pack away toys during the day… since we got the jumping slide thingo, no problems. It’s brilliant. He was running around like speedy Gonzalez  this morning packing toys away with the promise of a play on the castle.

The boys have been going nuts on it, so much fun!

Only one problem is that Eli really doesn’t like getting wet by the sprayers, so by default, he thinks that he is therefore entitled to be in charge of the water canon. This is the resulting tantrum after Archer takes a turn at the canon.

Just one day to go until the end of this project for the year! My slideshow is sitting ready for the last few images to be inserted. More on this tomorrow. xx


IMG_7729 IMG_7747 IMG_7752 IMG_7765

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Day 340

Wednesday 05.12.2012

Funny how they can go from super serious one second, to crazies the next.

IMG_6154 IMG_6180

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Day 330

Sunday 25.11.2012

Holy-dooley! It’s just one month until christmas. That means that this project will soon be drawing to a close too. That’s a bit sad, though I’m so excited about christmas!

Hubby has had to get some glasses as his vision has been getting crappy over the years… old age I tell him, he kind of snorts at me. lol. We like to pay each other out, not in a mean way, more in a “Ha, ha you’re getting old!” kind of way. It’s starting to show in our children’s humor, and I get a laugh out of them giving each other a playful ribbing.

I love this man. My biggest love and my littlest love.

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Day 313

Thursday 08.11.2012

Playing on his own, away from the other boys, usually involves cars and a series of strict rules as to where the cars belong and which line they should be in. He has a lot of cars, like probably about 100, maybe more? Loves them, and wants more for Christmas too. You would think that many cars would make a huge mess? Funnily enough, that’s not the case. He packs them all into his case, or a tub, and very rarely do I even have to ask him to pack them away.


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Day 311

Tuesday 06.11.2012

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Day 276

Tuesday 02.10.2012

“Hey Eli, what is that on your face?”

“Nofin Mom”

“You’re covered in texta. Did you draw all over your face?”


“Um yes I think you did.”

“No. I did-ent!”


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Day 258

Saturday 15.09.2012

I love where we live, it’s gorgeous. Spent the afternoon playing and wandering along the foreshore.

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Day 255

Wednesday 12.09.2012

Sadly, one of the Mummies who was completing the documenting delight project passed away in an accident. So sad 😦 I feel so much for her family. It made me realize that no matter how bad a photo is, or if I think I look crap in it, it doesn’t matter. I am usually behind the camera. I must remember to get in front at times too. What if the worst was to happen? My boys would have this great project to look back on, which is awesome! But I need to be in it too, and Adam, and all those people who we love and adore.

So here is one of me and Eli, taken by Will. In honor of our lost mummy. And a promise to include myself in this project more.

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Day 247

Tuesday 04.09.2012

It’s a big day for me today. It is the last day that my baby of the family is 2… tomorrow is his birthday.

We popped out for the traditional birthday photo shoot. Poor little guy wasn’t feeling well and we kept it VERY short.

Look Mummy, I’m three tomorrow. Love you baby, tomorrow you are a big boy :o(

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Day 243

Thursday 30.08.2012

We have been meeting some lovely ladies on Thursday mornings. The kids get a run, I get a chat 🙂

Mummy got a new camera yesterday… I love it, possibly a little too much.

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