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New Project and new Blog for 2013

I’ve decided that I’m going to continue documenting our lives, I just have to. It’s so very rewarding, and I just know when Janurary 1 2014 rocks around, if I’m not finishing up a project that I’ll be very disappointed. I’ll know how much I’ve missed and how much a project pushes me to record the boys lives.

Sooo, here’s my new blog. I’ve started posting already for week one. I’ll be posting on a weekly basis in a more ‘photo essay’ format covering the week.

I hope that you can pop over and visit my new blog. xx

Pictures…. because posts are boring without them 🙂

IMG_8217 IMG_8272 IMG_8332


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Delight documented!

My 2012 Documenting Delight project condensed down into a few minutes. A slideshow to one of my favorite kids songs.

documenting delight 2012 slideshow


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Day 366

Monday 31.12.2012

Well it’s new years eve. I’ve just taken my last photo and this will be my last post for my documenting delight project for 2012. I’m feeling rather emotional about it. This has been a incredible journey. It has been such a pain at times, and many times I considered quitting. I’m so very glad I stuck with it.
I really want to thank those of you who have followed and visited my little blog here, especially Mum and Lee for always commenting and keeping me motivated. Also all the wonderful ladies who have been documenting delight as well, from all around the world. For your comments, friendship and support, thanks. xx

So here it is the last post for 2012. Stay tuned for my slideshow and what I’ll be up to next year.


IMG_7786 IMG_7805

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Day 365

Sunday 30.12.2012

The boys were so very spoiled this year and were gifted a jumping castle / water slide from their Nanny and Poppy. It’s cool, like really really really awesomely cool. I wish I could go on it… I’m 10kg too heavy. 😦 It has a bouncy part, a dart board, a basket ball ring thing, a water slide, a wading pool, and a water canon.

I usually have a lot of trouble getting Eli to pack away toys during the day… since we got the jumping slide thingo, no problems. It’s brilliant. He was running around like speedy Gonzalez  this morning packing toys away with the promise of a play on the castle.

The boys have been going nuts on it, so much fun!

Only one problem is that Eli really doesn’t like getting wet by the sprayers, so by default, he thinks that he is therefore entitled to be in charge of the water canon. This is the resulting tantrum after Archer takes a turn at the canon.

Just one day to go until the end of this project for the year! My slideshow is sitting ready for the last few images to be inserted. More on this tomorrow. xx


IMG_7729 IMG_7747 IMG_7752 IMG_7765

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Day 364

Saturday 29.12.2012

IMG_7710 IMG_7725

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Day 363

Friday 28.12.2012

I really wanted to get a family photo in before the end of the project (so soon!) Thank you family for putting up with me and my bossiness. Thanks Adam and Lee for taking some pics with me in there too!

IMG_7646 IMG_7654 IMG_7673 IMG_7677 IMG_7690

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Day 362

Thursday 27.12.2012

Two little Harry Potters 🙂

We were very lucky today to have some visitors. Lee and John have been staying with us and while they were here, Lee’s brother and some of his family were holidaying down the coast. They took the trip up here to catch up with us all. Also, Adam’s brother and wife were able to make it too.

It was lovely to see them, and so nice to meet little Daphne.

IMG_7580 IMG_7585 IMG_7595

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Day 361

Wednesday 26.12.2012

The boys are loving these skateboards. They were a Chrissy gift from Nan and Pa. We bought some wrist guards and protective gear just in case. How cool are their helmets?

They tried all they could to tame these skateboards. They tried going down on their butts, on their tummies, and standing up. They tried on two skateboards and just one. They tried pulling one another along and also whinging at me that it wasn’t working. lol. As a summer storm began to brew, the wind had picked up significantly. William worked out that if he held his shirt out at his sides, the wind would push him along down the street. Nanny suggested that he try an umbrella. That really got things moving.

I couldn’t help but laugh at what a riot of colour these boys were today wearing their new Christmas clothes….especially Archie. That yellow sunny boy, oh how his choice of clothing makes me smile.

IMG_7480 IMG_7569 IMG_7555 IMG_7544 IMG_7527 IMG_7521 IMG_7515 IMG_7511

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Day 360

Tuesday 25.12.2012

I think, sometimes it’s more important to be present and not have my camera hanging off my arm, today was one of those days. Instagram pics it is.

day 360 xmas 2012

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Day 359

Monday 24.12.2012

Off to B town for Christmas!!! Yay. We have a really cool, and rather large family on my side. Lots of children, 11 kids all under the age of 8 down to 5 months. 10 Adults and the cutest little addition to Pa and Nan’s pooch family album.

Here are just a few of the crew on the night before christmas.

day 359

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