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Day 330

Sunday 25.11.2012

Holy-dooley! It’s just one month until christmas. That means that this project will soon be drawing to a close too. That’s a bit sad, though I’m so excited about christmas!

Hubby has had to get some glasses as his vision has been getting crappy over the years… old age I tell him, he kind of snorts at me. lol. We like to pay each other out, not in a mean way, more in a “Ha, ha you’re getting old!” kind of way. It’s starting to show in our children’s humor, and I get a laugh out of them giving each other a playful ribbing.

I love this man. My biggest love and my littlest love.

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Day 329

Saturday 24.11.2012

One of the books we borrowed from the library has become a firm favorite around here. It’s a read-along with Cd book.  It’s called Spookyrumpus by Tony Mitton. It is missing pages and I’ve had to use a bit of sticky tape to put it back together because it is falling apart. They love, love, love it. I’m not sure how I’m going to go returning it to the library? I may have to find us our very own copy.

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Day 328

Friday 23.11.2012

Something funny happened the other day, through last week sometime I think it was? Anyway, I was cutting up some apples for afternoon tea and the the one I was cutting looked a bit yucky. Not rotting but not fresh either. I looked closer and noticed that inside the apple core with the seeds there were these white strands. I thought at first that there was some kind of white worm in there or something. Upon closer inspection Will and I discovered that the seeds were actually sprouting. They were growing right there in the apple.

After a brief discussion about what we should do, given our family is said to be related to the original granny smith, it was firmly decided that we had no other choice but to plant some of the seeds. And look… they are growing. 😀 The boys have been so excited to see these little leaves growing. I hope they survive, and when I we are older and I cut them up for our grandchildren I will tell them the story about Granny Smith and all about where our apple trees came from.

Will is hoping like nothing else that these seeds grow a whole new variety of apple just like Granny Smiths did. I won’t hold my breath that that will happen, but it would be very exciting.

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Day 327

Thursday 22 November 2012

William finally got the hang of whistling today. He has been whistling everything he can think of that can possibly be whistled.

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Day 326

Wednesday 21.11.2012

As part of Williams homework this week he had to measure the height of everyone in the family, and then add it all up.

The kids heights are; Will: 130 Arch: 102 Eli 98

LOL, oh Arch.


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Day 325

Tuesday 20.11.2012

This doesn’t happen during the day very often at all any more. Two sleepy-heads on the couch.

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Day 324

Monday 19.11.2012

I was starting to find it completely exhausting that I would spend so much time in the kitchen. Every day for hours and hours on end filling orders for the children, making breakky, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. I wanted a bit of that time back so that I could fill it with far more enjoyable activities. I came across a suggestion from a recipe book where the author would cut up lots of different things and put them all one big plate. She would put it where the children could reach it, and providing enough to last them till dinner, that was all they could have. No more requests for further food etc.

It works.

I cut up an assortment of vegetables and fruits, and have a couple of fun things to dip them in. Sometimes I have made some muffins or scones or something fun for them to have as well. They fill up their tummies and after a few weeks of doing this they know now that there is nothing else until dinner.

10 points to Mummy. Kids eating healthy after school snack, I’ve got more time in the afternoon to do fun stuff / homework with them, kids are hungry at dinner time and eat their meals. (That’s peanut butter down there by the way, looks a bit gross really.)

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Day 323

Sunday 18.11.2012

Reading together in Bed (cute moment crappy quality pic)

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Day 322

Saturday 17.11.2012


How fun is bowling? The kids were so funny. They act so differently in situations like bowling games. They all loved the fist part of the game… super excited, talking loudly and kind of bouncing on the spot. Then they all start acting their own different ways. Arch becomes bored of the game and starts climbing in and under the seats and wandering the alley checking out the games. Eli starts becoming possessive of his balls (the bowling ball that is) and was nearly lying over the top of them so that no-one would touch them. Will concentrates hard to perfect his bowling swing, and keeps his eye on the score board to see who is winning and losing at all times. Adam and I take turns paying each other out and being encouraging.

I learned two things today.

1. Two games is one too many for our 3 kids.

2. Da is consistent, I’m unpredictable. Could be said for our personalities, and well, pretty much everything else.

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Day 321

Friday 16.11.2012

What happens when you let him dress himself… I asked him to come and take some pictures with me and let him choose what he wanted to wear.

Stripey red pants… check

A super hero cape…. check

Yellow bumble bee gumboots… check (it was raining after all)

Umbrella… check

Little crochet monkey, mummy made last week…. check!

He is all kinds of cute this kid. He would live in dress-ups, anything yellow, or anything remotely resembling a bumble bee. This morning we went in to watch Will’s assembly item at school (I forgot the camera though, bugger  ), and Arch insisted on wearing his superman costume. Whatever floats your boat buddy… 😀

Will’s assembly item was adorable, aren’t they all just? They sang “I can sing a rainbow.” paired with sign language. Super cute!

I do relish these times, days where I sit back, watch the boys and I just want to bust with pride. Love them all so much. Clever little darlings. xx

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