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Day 31


1 month down, 11 to go! 🙂

I really want to shout out a massive thank you to everyone who has been following my project so far, and for all your wonderful and heartfelt comments. I truly appreciate each and every one, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. 🙂 THANK YOU!

Here’s my youngest with his most favorite toy. His name is ‘Jo-Jo’, sometimes named ‘Go-go’, sometimes ‘cheeky-bear.’  Jo-jo is a special little friend that we chose for Eli before he was born, and he has had him tucked up under his arm since he was just a few months old.

Every night we go on the hunt for Jo-jo. “Jo-jo… Jo….Jo….Where are You? Jo, Jo? All around the house we wander, as I sing out for the bear. Eli on my hip peeks into all the rooms… “Nope, not in there,” he says shaking his head. Then I’ll come across Jo-jo, usually in some random or unusual spot, and Eli will yell out “There he is!” And we will both laugh and say “Cheeky Jo-jo bear.”

Eli and Jo-jo have had some funny adventures together, and some not at all funny, (okay well maybe a little amusing in hindsight.) The most unfunny one off the top of my head was when Eli decided that Jo-jo needed a swim. Oh no, not in a pool, or a bath, or a bucket, or anything else that one would usually consider a suitable vessel for bathing. Sigh, the most disgusting place, yep…  the toilet. After his dip in the loo, Eli took him for a wander around the house, flipping that bear about and throwing him around. So what happens when a teddy is all sodden with toilet water, and flung around like a rag doll?… You get drips and puddles all over the floor in the bathroom, the hall, and the family room; and splashes all up the walls…. blue loo coloured water all over the white walls and floors. You get one very sorry looking little boy, and an even sorrier looking Jo-jo bear.

Eli has taken to putting Jo-jo to bed with a little pillow and a blankie, then sits and reads his favorite books to him. “What’s this Jo-jo? It’s a train… Look TRAIN Jo-jo!” That is until he gets frustrated that Jo-jo won’t answer him back.  He tries to stuff the bottle into poor Jo-jo’s mouth, but Jo jo doesn’t have a mouth, just a line sewed on. “EAT! EAT!” He shouts. “EAT!”

I just read this back and my little boy sounds like a horror! He’s not! He is lovely, I promise. But he is two and a half, and he is learning all about the world in the best way he can, experimentation. Even if that means a LOT of disgusting washing and cleaning for mummy, and milk stains on poor Jo-jo’s nonexistent mouth. Which reminds me, I’d better wash the poor bear… he’s filthy! (now how to sneak him into the wash so Eli doesn’t see?)

Quote of the day – William: Laying in bed last night, “Mum! Mum! Can you open my window? I’m so HOT I’m glowing in the dark!”

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Day 30


Holidays over, school resumes…

Year two this year for our big boy. Good lord it’s going quick, those years roll in and out,  and I stand here watching as they pass. Too fast, I think, too fast.

We made a massive decision at the end of last year to move Wills to a new school. It was a tough decision, one that I considered very carefully. He had some lovely friends at his last school, and it was a really nice school. But he would get on a bus at 7:30 in the morning and not get home until after 4pm. So it was a long day for a little fella, and unnecessarily so, when there was a wonderful school much closer. So after visiting with the new school Will, Adam and I decided he would attend there from today.

He was anxious this morning. “A little bit excited” he said as we chatted on the drive this morning, “But mostly I’m nervous…. Yep excited…. but really nervous.” He looked at me with tears springing in his eyes, just long enough for a look of understanding to pass between us. He made an excuse about the air conditioning blowing in his eyes, “This one is rough air, it hurts my eyes.” Then turned the blower away from his face, wiped his eyes, and settled back to chatting about whatever pops into his clever little mind, as he tends to do when he is nervous… actually, it’s something he tends to do pretty much whenever he isn’t asleep. I smiled, listening to his chatter. The truth was I was really anxious for him too. I was hoping like hell that we’d made the right decision.

As we neared the school his chatter slowed down, and he sat forward in his seat. He bounced out of the car and stood waiting for me to gather my things. Time for a pep talk I thought. I bent down to his level, his eyes wide. My heart melts. “Just be yourself darling. Just be your normal, happy self.  You are a friendly, kind and happy person! You’re going to do great.” He grinned, big and cheeky. He turned to go, I watched him go. He walked a few paces, then stopped. He turned to me, outstretched his hand and waited. I took his little hand and together we walked into school. Hand in hand, heart in heart.

New books, new shoes, new bag, new uniform, new teachers and new friends. A whole new school for our Will. Good luck little dude…. You’re going to be great!

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Day 29


Aaahhh! How Exciting! Treasure Hunt!

We adopted super sleuth code names, and following the cryptic clues (expertly devised by “Pink Dragon” aka mummy ha), we went on a trip around the local area in search of the clues (ie: little blue envelopes secretly and strategically placed beforehand)

‘Red dragon’ aka William and ‘Yellow dragon’ aka Archie cleverly tracked down the thieves trail and solved the mystery of the stolen treasure. Eli (blue dragon) tagged along too but he wasn’t overly keen on participating, so he just plodded along enjoying the walk with ‘brown dragon’ (aka Daddy.)

They started at home, with absolutely no idea what we had in store for them. They were asked to get ready in a suitable disguise, and ready any gear they may need. They started at the front door and their clues led them all over the place. Down the street and away down to the basketball court; over to the picnic area then around to the duck pond; up a path to a wall they like to walk along; back to our street; and into the paddock next door. Here they found their final clue which led them to the treasure… lolly pops of course!

They found clues under rocks, in long grass, taped under picnic tables and on poles. I spent a better part of the morning preparing the hunt, so we ended up not getting started until after 11am. Which by this time meant that the sun was out in full summer force, and ‘hello blow-outs and clipping!’ Grrr Darn midday sun!

We’ve had many a treasure hunt over the years, but this one topped the lot. An awesome day all round, love you boys….. life is good.

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Day 28


Cool! Today we finally saw some wild koalas! We’ve been keeping an eye out for them for a year, and in just one day we saw 3. They were really high up but Will spotted one, and then down the walk a bit further there was another two. The boys were so excited. Good wildlife spotting kids!

If you look hard you can see the tiny little speck of a koala in the top right of the bottom right pic. We had a swim and the boys climbed some trees. Then Wills and Arch had a sword fight with sticks. Boys, hey? 🙂

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Day 27


Today is our last weekday of the school holidays before Will goes back to school for the year, so we decided to make the most of it. We went for a walk this morning, finally the sun had come out and it has warmed up again! We wandered around the picnic areas in the reserve then the boys ran like wild things around, and around and around the basketball court. We went to the playground and then to the pond, where the boys searched for fishies, tadpoles and ducks.

The two older boys insisted that they take their light sabers with us…. “Sure guys, why not?” Sooo every few minutes there was the sound of light sabers humming, and a staged battle would take place as Arch and Wills fought to be King! King of the playground, king of the field, king of the picnic tables or king of the street; really whatever took their fancy at the time. Funny stuff.


Quote for the day: William

“Mum, what do you call that feeling that I was telling you about yesterday? You know, the one where when we get home, and sometimes it feels the same as when we came home after a trip. Oh what was it? Was it homophobia?

“Will, I think you mean Deja vu.”


The boys at the pond.

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Day 26


Australia Day.

We were lucky this morning to get in a trip to the beach before the rains came. We weren’t the only other Aussies around… there were people on jet skis tearing up the water creating waves for the boys to jump. There were other little boys playing in the water just like ours. There was man in a tinny, who came in close to the shore to pick up his cute date, he even helped her in the boat so she didn’t get too wet awww. There was a pelican following the boat and came right in close which the boys got a kick out of, and Eli sooo badly wanted to go and shooo it. He went out pretty far too but I called him back (Eli is obsessed with chasing and shooing birds) There was a line of about a dozen black swans just bobbing around out in the bay. We were lucky to see a fly over of F18 Jets from Williamtown, this time we saw them before we heard them, usually we hear them first and have to search the sky. Around the bay they flew, then back again over our heads. Soooo cool! There was a really cute old couple who came and sat by us. They giggled at the boys running around in the nick, while we chased them to get them dry and re-dressed. He was in a wheelchair and she was pushing him around. He had his arm and a leg in a sling / cast thing :o( I hope he gets better soon.

A lovely morning, the kids had so much fun fun fun! A perfect way to spend Australia day with my family. At the beach, swimming , making sandcastles and smashing them to peices. Bacon and eggs for breakky and just hanging out together. I love that we can finally do these sorts of things, now that the younger two are getting a bit older. Our little family is moving out of that baby stage and into a whole new phase and I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to the fun things we can do over the next few years.
Quote for the day: Archie “I’ve been such a good little boy that I think I might be able to play games AAAALLLLLL day.” about 7:30 am this morning. Not likely buddy, but nice try 😉

Here’s my third son, it just happened that we have an aussie flag towel. Remember the government harping on about having a third one for the country lol…. well here’s Eli all wrapped in a towel. And some others of the boys being awesome!

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Day 25


The boys had a sleep-out last night. We are trying to make the most of the last days of school holidays.

They watched movies, ate popcorn and stayed up really late. I pulled out a mattress and their blankets and they slept on the family room floor. They were all playing this morning on their makeshift bed, rolling around wrestling (as boys tend to do. 😉 ) We played peek-a-boo with the blanket. Them covering their faces and me pulling it off them. Those big grins make me smile. But the sound of them whispering under the blankets with excitement and anticipation, and the giggles and belly laughs that follow, that is what really melts my heart.

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Day 24


This morning we all seemed to wake on the wrong side of the beds. Often days can start like that and just keep going downhill until bedtime. Today, I decided I’d make sure we had a good day.

We had a nutritious breakfast, popped clothing on our backs and bottoms and suncream on our faces. Plonked hats on our heads, and flip flops on our feet. Then I drew a smiley face on my hand to remind me to SMILE :-D.

I grabbed the camera and opened the front door. As soon as I opened that door the boys flooded out. As they ran around the drive with their flip-flops flopping and flipping, something shifted, the course of our day had changed. I looked at those grinning little faces and Smiled. “Lets go on an adventure!”

We headed down the street to the reserve and wandered around the walking tracks near the bay. We stopped to pick up sticks and search for lizzards. We stopped to look at cicadas and to chase butterflies. We played ‘follow the leader’ as we walked along the dirt tracks.

Our path lead us to the water where I let the boys have a kick around, eventually Will and Archie couldn’t resist and got completely drenched. lol, (Thankfully I had the forethought to take a towel.) Eli stayed quite dry and only wet his shorts a bit, but the others were so soaked through that they had to strip off.

So that’s how we walked home; Wills in his wet shorts, Arch in his undies, and Eli in a singlet and a nappy. We were shot a few odd looks on the walk home, I felt like saying to them “We don’t usually get around dressed like this” or “I do buy my kids clothes!” but why bother? It doesn’t matter what they think. So we all nodded at those odd looks, smiled and the boys sang out “Morning!” in their cheeriest chipper voices. We had an awesome time this morning and have had a wonderful rest of the day so far.

Next time we wake on the wrong sides of the bed, I know what I’ll be doing. I’ll be drawing a smiley face on my hand and opening that front door. “Let’s go on an adventure!”

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Day 23


Interview with Archie today. He is such a sweet and sensitive little guy. He will be four soon and is growing into such a wonderful kid. He is at that age where he makes the funniest observations as he notices things and takes in all the world around him. He is an inquisitive boy, asking lots of questions. He will often have a think about what you have discussed and will come back after some time with another question or new take on it. Ask him what hats are for and he will reply “so the wind doesn’t blow our hair off!” We had an interesting discussion about this one day when Arch had a think about hats, the wind and his Pa being bald. 😛

He is a practical kid, great with his hands and loves to build things. He is always ready with a kiss and a cuddle for Mummy. He is incredibly active and when he started walking, he also started climbing. Over fences, up trees, on benches and tables. If he walks up to a chair or a table (or anything really) he won’t just stand there, he will have to put a foot on it, or balance on it, or hang off it like a little monkey. If there is an object or furniture in his path to get somewhere, he will just go straight up and over it. He is a fantastic climber, but unfortunately he is also a little clumsy and as a result he is covered in scars and briuses. Poor little guy, every day he will hurt himself, at least once. The other day he had three band-aids for cuts and scrapes in just one morning. Thankfully he likes bandaids 🙂 He is a toughie too, if he hurts himself a kiss ‘all better’ and a band-aid will see him on his way again…

We are so very lucky to have our beautiful Archie with us, it’s a long story for another time, I am so grateful that we are blessed with your wonderful self to be part of our lives and to delight us everyday with your stunning light-up-the-room smile and giggle.

My sweet, cuddly and handsome brown eyed boy, you are a shining little star. Oh, how I love you.

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Day 22


Ten-pin bowling with the kiddos today. When I think of bowling alleys I recall times of years past where my Mother would bowl and we would sit around eating hot chips and toobs. The alley was noisy, dirty and everything seemed to be sticky. Sticky tables, sticky joysticks on the arcade games, sticky counter, and sticky finger holes in the balls. Blerk. Oh and the Shoes! Everyone knows ten-pin is all about the shoes! They are THE single most disgusting thing I can think of at the moment, okay… maybe aside from toads and pus. Eli kept staring at the ugly things on the end of his feet, as though he was thinking “why do I have to wear these stoopid clown shoes?” …I’m with you there buddy.

Shoes aside, it was fun! The kids had a blast. This was a fairly un-sticky kinda place, the kids were all smiles and Adam and I had that proud ‘we-are-good-parents-feeling.’ You know it, the one you get when you are doing something that the kids really REALLY want to do, and you all had fun and smile lots and slap hands in high-fivers! Good times.

In his very first game on ten-pin, Archie won. Yes, the three year old beat us in a show of expert ball-rolling-down-the-ramp skills and would get so excited when he knocked some over. Eli could barely lift the ball but managed to get the gist of the game (turn taking and all that jazz.) He was distracted by his sudden need to have a lay down in the middle of the game, and plonked himself on the chairs for a quick nap. Then with the chairs being far too uncomfortable, he took to Adams arms for a laying place and had a rest there for a bit. William was like a little pro in his style and excution of that big round thing. He has the waddle down pat, used only one arm to hold the ball, and even flicks that back foot out at the end of the shot. I was rather impressed, he picks up sporting skills so easily and quickly.

Adam and I pretty much sucked lol.

A great day all round. 🙂

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