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Day 192 – 194

Tuesday – Thursday 10.07.2012 – 12.07.2012

Headed down to Bathurst, I didn’t take too many shots while I was down there with the big camera but here are a few I took on my phone. Our family is getting so big, it’s the most wonderful thing. Here are some of our little lovelies enjoying time together.


I took the boys to visit my recently departed grandmothers grave. She was buried beside my grandfather, here are their graves, side-by-side, 40 years between passing. My Mumma, she was the most beautiful soul. Rest in peace beautiful lady.


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Day 191

Monday 09.07.2012

Mummies little superheroes… saving the world from fence-sitting, child-taunting magpies today.

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Day 190

Sunday 08.07.2012

Going for a long bike ride around the bay… Will is away with his grandmother, so it’s just us four today. VERY serious business this bike riding thing. It’s the first time Eli has taken a big bike out for a ride away from home and he rode the whole way!

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Day 189

Saturday 07.07.2012

Cruising… just watching a bit of tele together. They set up like this all by themselves. They grabbed their pillows and their special blankies that their great grandmother had made. She hand-crochet them, each individual to the child. A very thoughtful gift and something that they just adore.

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Day 188

Friday 06.07.2012

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Day 187

Thursday 05.07.2012

Let’s go Fly a Kite…

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Day 186

Wednesday 04.07.2012

After not feeling well today and the weather taking a crappy turn for the worse, I didn’t even bother to pick up the camera. I know, I know… I’m cheating. I’m going with a few more shots from yesterday…

The two younger boys about to sneak up on Will…

Will gets up and runs off when he realises they were coming…

They caught him and “stacks-ON!”


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Day 185

Tuesday 03.07.2012

I just couldn’t choose one. I managed somehow to choose just three. One for each of my adorable boys.

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Day 184

Monday 02.07.2012

3 very different boys. They are all so individual, it really does astonish me at times. So similar in many ways, but oh so different in so many more ways. Of course I big puffy heart them all. I love each and every one of them. Their quirks and craziness; their chaos, their calm; their similarities and their differences. But most of all I just love that they are mine. I’m such a lucky mummy.

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Day 183

Sunday 01.07.2012

Catching 3 brilliant facial expressions at the same time isn’t easy with these 3.   🙂

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