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Day 279

Friday 05.10.2012

Mother nature has turned up the temperature today, I think it was about 33 degrees. I adore spring, it’s my favouite time of the year. The weather is warm, everything grows (including these boys of ours), I come out of hibernation finally, and feel active and motivated.

One of the best things about spring and summer is watching the boys play in the sprinkler. We have a tank that is mostly for the garden, so the boys have a pretty good water supply for play.

I’m suprised it’s taken them this long to work out how to anchor the sprinkler to the top of the swingset.

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Day 278

Thursday 04.10.2012

Milkshakes and chips as per our end of school holidays tradition, only this time it was a day early. At the marina this time, joined by some new friends. This is the view from our outdoor picnic table. Not too shabby!

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Day 277

Wednesday 03.10.2012

Went for a wander down to the walking tracks and play area. Paper aeroplanes are the “thing” at the moment. Will has learned how to fold and fly his very own planes. We took paper for our planes, and sticky tape for Archie’s plane (he doesn’t like it unstuck) After flying our planes we went for a walk to pick some of these wild flowers, okay they are probably weeds, but I just adore them. It was so so hot today and I’m so glad we took the pram, these two younger ones didn’t walk an inch. Will insisted on pushing the pram, so I enjoyed a rare moment of walking without chasing boys, or them racing ahead to be in the lead.

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Day 276

Tuesday 02.10.2012

“Hey Eli, what is that on your face?”

“Nofin Mom”

“You’re covered in texta. Did you draw all over your face?”


“Um yes I think you did.”

“No. I did-ent!”


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Day 275

Monday 01.10.2012

After a series of unpleasant events, I’ve pretty much banned games in our home. Not the board game kind of games, but more the playstation and ipad type games. I’ve also ruled out television for the majority of the day. I’m aiming for a two hour maximum of all electronic media – games + computer + television in any one given day.

Well you would think that I would have had a pretty hard time over the last few weeks implementing this change, especially as it’s been school holidays. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve given games the flick and in return I have been given 3 adorable boys who love to use their imaginations and play ‘real’ games together. Here they are playing a game where Will is the game-show host and the other boys are the contestants. He asks them questions and they have to guess the answers. It is seriously cute, and just the most lovely thing to listen to. Ad and I were called in to have a turn being contestants too which was pretty funny.

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Day 274

Sunday 30.10.2012

‘A’ Man & Me…

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Day 272 – 273

Friday 28.10.2012

Camping at Myall Lakes national park. The area is simply stunning. I made an attempt to not have the camera with me ALL the time and  instead, to just enjoy being and relaxing with the boys.

We went into the “forest” (Eli kept wanting to go into the forest.) We wandered along, up hills and down into valleys. The forest was lush, and thick with undergrowth. Arch nearly fell down the hill because he was tea-bagging along not watching where he was going and I caught him just in time. Eli kept racing out in front because he just had to be ‘first’ This resulted in both the two younger boys having to hold Adam’s hands. Will meandered along with me bringing up the rear. We discussed the unusual or interesting things we saw. We spotted what we expect was a funnel web spider hole. We found some very interesting fungi that Will desperately wanted to touch because I told him it would shrivel away if he did. 😉 We picked some interesting leaves up along the way and took them back to camp and attempted to draw them with watercolours.

Even though it was rather windy we decided to head over to the beach. The one time I didn’t take my camera to a beach with me and we see the most photo-worthy event EVER! A massive pod of dolphins frolicking and playing in the waves. There would have to have been at least 40 of them swimming up and down the coast surfing the waves. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen. Still takes my breath away when I think about it.

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Day 269-271

25.09.2012 – 25.09.2012

I’m missing these days…

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