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Day 185

Tuesday 03.07.2012

I just couldn’t choose one. I managed somehow to choose just three. One for each of my adorable boys.

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Day 173

Thursday 21.06.2012

Aww a bit of brotherly love before school this morning… I’ll pretend that I hadn’t just walked in on them trowing their soft toys and teddies at each other…

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Day 152

Thursday 31.05.2012

I walked in to find the two youngest boys sitting on cushions playing with their teddies. Their teddies did the hokey poky and danced around. They chatted about very important, worldly things. They had big cuddles. Eli got a bit cross at me when I asked if Jo-jo wanted a cushion too…. I guess not.

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Day 147

Saturday 26.05.2012

Having a quiet day, the boys spent a good portion of it playing the playstation. They haven’t been well, so a lazy day was just the thing we all needed to recharge the batteries.

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Day 146

Friday 25.05.2012

It’s been rainy today and we were disappointed that we couldn’t get to the playground. But my two youngest entertained themselves, spending most of the morning playing “dogs” in their bedrooms. It’s very cute. They crawl around on all fours, woofing and wagging their bottoms. A bit gross when they start licking things though…


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Day 141

Sunday 20.05.2012

Took the two eldest boys out for some pics and a bit of an explore.

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Day 137

Wednesday 16.05.2012

We went for a wander down to the playground this morning, then headed into the park. The boys wanted to collect some sticks and bark to make a little house. We haven’t made the house yet but we sure had a lovely morning collecting everything.

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Day 136

Tuesday 15.05.2012

I’ve been spending A LOT of time in the kitchen lately. These boys are bottomless pits, they just eat…. all day long. I like feeding them, really I do! I try and make them cool foods that they ‘want’ to eat… but I felt like I was spending most of the day in the kitchen, which was leaving very little room for anything else. Soooo, I’ve implemented a “meals” schedule… I know, I know, it sounds really stupid and possibly verging on too ‘strict’, but honestly I felt I had no choice. They now have regimented meal times, with snack breaks in between. Breakky, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, then dinner. I’ve tried to make the morning tea and afternoon tea interesting so they look forward to waiting for them, and guess what? It’s working! I assemble something they enjoy, they eat their fill and are full until the next meal time. They still ask out of habit for food in between sometimes, but I remind them about our next meal time (which is always soon) and they actually get it. Brilliant!

Here are the boys drinking their milk, with their ‘super whizzy straws’ at afternoon tea time. I completely adore those straw-sucking, little-puckered faces. Milk drips and all.

Poor little Eli had a bit of an accident yesterday, he fell onto something and cut open the underneath of his nose. Nearly from the outer of one nostril to the inner of the other. He was so sad poor little guy. It really, really hurt him. Now I’m a bit of a hand at first aid these days. After 3 boys and countless accidents over the years I’ve had to become somewhat familiar with what needs treatment and what does not. This unfortunately did. It was deep, in a really bad spot, and kept gaping open when he closed his lips fully. So off to the doctors we went and he had it glued together. Adam has been away so when he called on Skype Eli told him all about “hurting his nose one the tunnel” “how it hurt lots” and “he got and ice block.” Then went to “the doctors for glue.” A lovely purple glue that I’m sure will look dashing in the pictures in the days to come :o) Poor little guy, I just hope he doesn’t get a cold.

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Day 121

Monday 30.04.2012

I am a sucker for silhouettes. I love how they emphasize shape, form, colour and line. Wills checking out some little friends playing down the road…

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Day 119

Saturday 28.04.2012

AHHH!! Steamfest! It was awesome, seriously awesome. We had the best day. The boys rode on real Steam trains, they were noisy and smelly; the boys loved every minute. We saw old steam engines; and mini steam tractors; An old tiger moth too. We ate show food and the kids each got a show bag. Those lolly bags are nasty things. They bring so much excitement to the kids, but some of those lollies are sooo wrong, but so cool all at the same time. Popping candy, lick-able brains (eww), love heart lollies, Sherbet and sour dips. We had little blue tongues and hands for hours.

At the last, the boys went for a ride on the mini trains.Asking them afterward, they said their favorite part of the day was the big train ride. Riding on it, watching it whee-sh and when it was coupling up. Their next favorite part was the mini train ride.

Brilliant day. Lots of laughs. Lots of smiles.

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