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Day 121

Monday 30.04.2012

I am a sucker for silhouettes. I love how they emphasize shape, form, colour and line. Wills checking out some little friends playing down the road…

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Day 120

Sunday 29.04.2012

SUNSHINE! You are my sunshine my crazy little poppet. You and your brothers… wonderful little people, seriously awesome kids. I love you all.

He is answering my question “Guess how much I love you?”


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Day 119

Saturday 28.04.2012

AHHH!! Steamfest! It was awesome, seriously awesome. We had the best day. The boys rode on real Steam trains, they were noisy and smelly; the boys loved every minute. We saw old steam engines; and mini steam tractors; An old tiger moth too. We ate show food and the kids each got a show bag. Those lolly bags are nasty things. They bring so much excitement to the kids, but some of those lollies are sooo wrong, but so cool all at the same time. Popping candy, lick-able brains (eww), love heart lollies, Sherbet and sour dips. We had little blue tongues and hands for hours.

At the last, the boys went for a ride on the mini trains.Asking them afterward, they said their favorite part of the day was the big train ride. Riding on it, watching it whee-sh and when it was coupling up. Their next favorite part was the mini train ride.

Brilliant day. Lots of laughs. Lots of smiles.

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Day 118

Friday 27.04.2012

My littlest darlings and I took ourselves off for a walk this morning. We left as early as possible to try and beat the grey clouds that were heading our way. A play at the playground, then a walk around the foreshore. We were gone for hours. After a run around, some hide and seek, and some mandatory stick gathering for Archie’s collection; we headed home with two very tired boys. A lovely morning.

The top pic here makes me laugh. Eli being cross and Archie laughing at Eli being cross.

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Day 117

Thursday 26.04.2012

William grew this cherry tomato plant last year at school. They grew it from seed, brought it home at the end ofย  the year and he has watched it grow ever since. Today he picked off his very first tomato off it. He is so pleased with himself that it is growing fruit.

I told him that he must have a green thumb. It’s been very funny ever since watching him checking his thumb to see if it’s really green. he he. ๐Ÿ˜€

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Day 116

Wednesday 25.04.2012 – ANZAC Day

We gathered with the rest of the community to watch the ANZAC parade and attend the service. Upon entry to Tanilba Bay there are these stone gates, and another more impressive one at the end of this street. The street is called Avenue of the Allies, a fitting place for the march to be held. The service was touching and I was impressed with the turnout. Will marched with his school. He proudly wore Adams grandfathers medals on his chest.


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Day 115

Tuesday 24.04.2012

“I can do ginormous bites Mummy….” CHOMP….” see!”

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Day 114

Monday 23.04.2012

Snapshot at the playground. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Day 113

Sunday 22.04.2012

Wills and I mucking around in the late arvo. Funny sausage he is. He wanted to make a really cool shadow, and jumped up really high, but landed on the stake for the swing set ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and hurt his foot. Lots of seven year old tears, and cuddles. No matter how old they are, if they get hurt, it still breaks my heart to hear them cry in pain. I imagine it always will.

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Day 112

Saturday 21.04.2012

I’m in crazy crochet and knitting mode. I can’t help it! Every year when the cooler weather starts settling in, I crave the feel of yarn and needles in my hands.

I make hats. Lots of hats. I’m a little obsessed with kids hats. I think in the last few weeks I’ve made around 10 kids hats. Adam doesn’t “get” it. “So who is this one for?” “I don’t know” I say. “Lets see who it fits when I’m done!”

Archie, being cute… in a cute new hat.


I’ve said before that Eli is a sleepy-head, and that he will fall to sleep in the funniest places. This would have to be the most unlikely so far… At the bench. On a stool. sandwich still in hand.

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