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Day 184

Monday 02.07.2012

3 very different boys. They are all so individual, it really does astonish me at times. So similar in many ways, but oh so different in so many more ways. Of course I big puffy heart them all. I love each and every one of them. Their quirks and craziness; their chaos, their calm; their similarities and their differences. But most of all I just love that they are mine. I’m such a lucky mummy.

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Day 139

Friday 18.05.2012

Okay, I’m cheating today. These were taken yesterday and I edited them this morning. I doubt I’ll get another for the day, but if I do I’ll pop it in later. Eli still has the purple glue under his nose :o( At least it’s keeping together. I could have edited it out but I chose not to for these.

It’s been a loooong week. Adam has been in Perth and we’ve missed him terribly. The boys ask after him and count down the sleeps till he returns. I’m so happy he is coming home today. Eli doesn’t understand. I tell him that Dad has gone on a plane, he gets that part, but I’m sure he thinks Dad is on a plane for the whole time he is away. Safe travels darl, see you soon! Family game night is sweeter when we are all together!

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