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Day 359

Monday 24.12.2012

Off to B town for Christmas!!! Yay. We have a really cool, and rather large family on my side. Lots of children, 11 kids all under the age of 8 down to 5 months. 10 Adults and the cutest little addition to Pa and Nan’s pooch family album.

Here are just a few of the crew on the night before christmas.

day 359

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Day 356

Friday 21.12.2012

At the very last minute we organised a street party with the neighbors. I have always wanted to live in a place where street parties were the norm. I guess when it’s a new street and there are no set norms, you just have to get out there and make some.

We had a blast. We went from knowing our neighbors a little, to having a drink and chatting away the night. It was a brilliant night, and we so will be doing that again! The kids played out on the street, riding their bikes and scooters, while the adults sat around organising dinner and gas-bagging. We had to put up a tarp at one stage because it started to rain, but apart from that it really was a great evening.

day 356

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Day 350

Saturday 15.12.2012

Every year the RFS bring around Santa Claus to visit each and every street in our town. It is the most exciting morning for the children. They listen out for the sirens to let us know that the truck is near. When it turns up into our street they are practically busting with excitement. It really is one of the best mornings of the year.

10 days till christmas! Woohoo!

IMG_6791 IMG_6793IMG_6786IMG_6788

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Day 344

Sunday 09.12.2012

Christmas is coming! Bring it on!


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Day 343

Saturday 08.12.2012

Today we dropped Nanny and Poppy off at the train station in Newcastle. They are off on a holiday. I hope they have a wonderful time (I’m sure they will )

Later in the evening we went to carols by candlelight with some new friends. The boys enjoyed seeing santa arrive with the RFS. They were allowed to climb up into the fire truck and have a look. Will found some friends from school to run about with. We took some candles but only managed to get one lit for about 30 seconds before it blew out. The music was good but the fireworks stole the show. They were really wonderful this year, and the first time we have watched them so close. I was suprised at Eli’s reaction to the fireworks, I thought he would be upset by the noise, but he thought they were wonderful. Appreciative ohhhs and ahhhhs all round. A busy day, followed by a wonderful evening, topped off with fireworks and a relaxing stroll home.

day343 IMG_6592

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Day 337

Sunday 02.12.2012

I saw some ‘mega blocks’ advent calendars in the shops through the week. As the days go by the children would open a little door, take the blocks out, and build then another piece of the set. We don’t collect mega blocks (and I didn’t realise there was a Lego version) So I made the boys one instead. It’s pretty nifty I think, they boys think it is fantastic! They remind me every morning, and spend time together following the instructions and building the set. The brilliant thing is, it’s totally reusable for next year.

Lego heroes int he avent calendar pockets


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