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Day 189

Saturday 07.07.2012

Cruising… just watching a bit of tele together. They set up like this all by themselves. They grabbed their pillows and their special blankies that their great grandmother had made. She hand-crochet them, each individual to the child. A very thoughtful gift and something that they just adore.

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Day 149

Monday 28.05.2012

These boys, (and Will) all love their blankets. They play with them, sleep with them and lounge around on the couch with them. We take them away with us, in the car, and when we go camping. It helps them to sleep.

Finally the boys have decided that they actually enjoy and look forward to preschool. It’s taken months of tears and screaming… honestly, it’s been awful. To look at them now and see how much joy they get out of preschool makes all those nasty months completely worthwhile. This morning when we arrived at the school, we popped the boys bags away and Eli raced off to his one of the teachers and lunged at her. He gave her the biggest hug and it made me so happy to see that he has such a special relationship with her. It’s wonderful. The boys took their dinosaur tails (which reminds me that I had better get some pics of those!) And the ladies told me in the afternoon that both the boys had stood up and did show and tell in front of the whole class. For anyone who knows Archie, they would understand what a huge achievement this is. He can be such a shy little boy at times, and would hide behind me whenever we spoke to other people. It is warming to hear that he is coming out of his shell at school, and really it’s the only place that could have made it happen. I’ve noticed it at home too. Yay! for my little man, so proud 🙂

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