Day 358

Sunday 23.12.2012

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth… my two front teeth… oh yeah my two front teeth.

I love that he lost both of his teeth just days before Christmas, guess what we have been singing all day?

He knocked out the second playing on a tramp at the street party on Friday night. His little friend and himself searched around for his tooth. When they finally found it he raced out to us, his chin and cheeks covered in blood. Yelling “Mum, Da. My tooth!!” With all the blood we kinda freaked out, but realised very quickly it was his wobbly one. Phew.

Isn’t he the cutest toothless ever?

Day 258

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Day 357

Saturday 22.12.2012

Because sometimes super busy Jedi knights need snacks too.

day 257

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Day 356

Friday 21.12.2012

At the very last minute we organised a street party with the neighbors. I have always wanted to live in a place where street parties were the norm. I guess when it’s a new street and there are no set norms, you just have to get out there and make some.

We had a blast. We went from knowing our neighbors a little, to having a drink and chatting away the night. It was a brilliant night, and we so will be doing that again! The kids played out on the street, riding their bikes and scooters, while the adults sat around organising dinner and gas-bagging. We had to put up a tarp at one stage because it started to rain, but apart from that it really was a great evening.

day 356

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Day 355

Thursday 20.12.2012

Very low tide.

Something pretty cool happened for William today. After this was taken, a boat pulled up into the bay, and his best friend Jade jumped out. They ran around playing, Arch and Eli tagged along behind them.

Day 355

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Day 354

Wednesday 19th December 2012

All clean and ready for bed… it’s so so hot today so they are heading to bed like this. hehe, they make me laugh. I love their smiley happy faces.

day 354

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Day 353

Tuesday 18.12.2012

Went down to the basketball court yesterday so Will and Adam could race their remote control cars. We had a nice little afternoon tea, the younger kids ran around laughing as Will chased them with the car.

Eli for the very first time jumped from something. He doesn’t jump off things, and is normally very cautious.  He was jumping off the rocks and off the end of the rock wall.

I’m not sure what the ‘go’ is with Will’s hat? He said all the kids at school were wearing it like that, but they were all wearing it to the one side, so he decided to be different and wear it to the other side. I didn’t think anyone wore their hats like that, except maybe beat boxers.

IMG_7390 IMG_7402 IMG_7406

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Day 352

Monday 17.12.2012

He he. Giant Arch head.

One of my most favorite words that the kids say is ‘mystery.’ Eli calls this magnifying glass a mystery, they pretend to be in mysterious places, and they go and solve mysteries. When they use the word ‘mystery,’ It usually means they are playing together nicely in an role play game or using their imaginations. One of my favorite things as a parent is watching the kids use their imaginations.


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Day 351

Sunday 16.12.2012

Somebody finally lost his front tooth. If he loses the other in the next few days we will be able to sing the song.


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Day 350

Saturday 15.12.2012

Every year the RFS bring around Santa Claus to visit each and every street in our town. It is the most exciting morning for the children. They listen out for the sirens to let us know that the truck is near. When it turns up into our street they are practically busting with excitement. It really is one of the best mornings of the year.

10 days till christmas! Woohoo!

IMG_6791 IMG_6793IMG_6786IMG_6788

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Day 349

Friday 14.12.2012

We headed out this morning before school to have a look at how high the tide was. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that we are surrounded with such gorgeous places to go and visit, and just a short stroll from home. After moving around too much over the last few years, I am very grateful that Adam’s work eventually brought us here to live. I am also grateful for new friends, who are just lovely, wonderful women.

We must have missed the tide at it’s highest but the children had fun tossing rocks, trying to skip them along the surface.

Dinner tonight for a little Christmas party with the girls, hubbies and kids. Will be fun 😀

IMG_6758 IMG_6781

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