Day 366

Monday 31.12.2012

Well it’s new years eve. I’ve just taken my last photo and this will be my last post for my documenting delight project for 2012. I’m feeling rather emotional about it. This has been a incredible journey. It has been such a pain at times, and many times I considered quitting. I’m so very glad I stuck with it.
I really want to thank those of you who have followed and visited my little blog here, especially Mum and Lee for always commenting and keeping me motivated. Also all the wonderful ladies who have been documenting delight as well, from all around the world. For your comments, friendship and support, thanks. xx

So here it is the last post for 2012. Stay tuned for my slideshow and what I’ll be up to next year.


IMG_7786 IMG_7805

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5 thoughts on “Day 366

  1. Brilliant idea for the last photo!! I love the 2nd photo so much. It’s adorable seeing them goof off like that.

  2. nicole

    I can’t wait to see what you do next year, Katie. Your photos have been an inspiration and I’m glad to have found you and your blog this year.

  3. I haven’t seen your boys in ages! And now it is THE END! What a lovely little mans photo!

  4. Amber K

    Fantastic shots to finish with Katie.
    I am so impressed that you have completed this project while running a very successful photography business. Inspiring stuff!
    Looking forward to seeing your images in 2013 🙂

  5. gayle

    Well done Katie, 🙂

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