Day 361

Wednesday 26.12.2012

The boys are loving these skateboards. They were a Chrissy gift from Nan and Pa. We bought some wrist guards and protective gear just in case. How cool are their helmets?

They tried all they could to tame these skateboards. They tried going down on their butts, on their tummies, and standing up. They tried on two skateboards and just one. They tried pulling one another along and also whinging at me that it wasn’t working. lol. As a summer storm began to brew, the wind had picked up significantly. William worked out that if he held his shirt out at his sides, the wind would push him along down the street. Nanny suggested that he try an umbrella. That really got things moving.

I couldn’t help but laugh at what a riot of colour these boys were today wearing their new Christmas clothes….especially Archie. That yellow sunny boy, oh how his choice of clothing makes me smile.

IMG_7480 IMG_7569 IMG_7555 IMG_7544 IMG_7527 IMG_7521 IMG_7515 IMG_7511

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