Day 339

Tuesday 04.12.2012On our way home from the bus stop this afternoon, Will spotted something in the grass. It was kind of buried under the leaves, so I’m surprised he even saw it. It was a little birds egg, of which variety I don’t know, I’d imagine a sparrow or Willy Wagtail by the size of it.

I remember finding an egg when I was about the same age, except it had little brown spots on it. When Will asked if he could take it home to look after it, how could I say no? I remembered doing the same thing. I told him that it was probably abandoned by the mother and that it probably wouldn’t hatch, but he decided he didn’t want to take the chance. He padded it all up with tissues and put it in a little container. Figuring he couldn’t very well sit on it, he left it in a warm place and continually checked on it.

It didn’t hatch. Though after a while it did show up with some suspicious looking dents and cracks.

day 339

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