Day 328

Friday 23.11.2012

Something funny happened the other day, through last week sometime I think it was? Anyway, I was cutting up some apples for afternoon tea and the the one I was cutting looked a bit yucky. Not rotting but not fresh either. I looked closer and noticed that inside the apple core with the seeds there were these white strands. I thought at first that there was some kind of white worm in there or something. Upon closer inspection Will and I discovered that the seeds were actually sprouting. They were growing right there in the apple.

After a brief discussion about what we should do, given our family is said to be related to the original granny smith, it was firmly decided that we had no other choice but to plant some of the seeds. And look… they are growing. 😀 The boys have been so excited to see these little leaves growing. I hope they survive, and when I we are older and I cut them up for our grandchildren I will tell them the story about Granny Smith and all about where our apple trees came from.

Will is hoping like nothing else that these seeds grow a whole new variety of apple just like Granny Smiths did. I won’t hold my breath that that will happen, but it would be very exciting.

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One thought on “Day 328

  1. I hope the tree grows for you as that is a great story and you will have this photo as a memento too.

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