Day 322

Saturday 17.11.2012


How fun is bowling? The kids were so funny. They act so differently in situations like bowling games. They all loved the fist part of the game… super excited, talking loudly and kind of bouncing on the spot. Then they all start acting their own different ways. Arch becomes bored of the game and starts climbing in and under the seats and wandering the alley checking out the games. Eli starts becoming possessive of his balls (the bowling ball that is) and was nearly lying over the top of them so that no-one would touch them. Will concentrates hard to perfect his bowling swing, and keeps his eye on the score board to see who is winning and losing at all times. Adam and I take turns paying each other out and being encouraging.

I learned two things today.

1. Two games is one too many for our 3 kids.

2. Da is consistent, I’m unpredictable. Could be said for our personalities, and well, pretty much everything else.

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