Day 321

Friday 16.11.2012

What happens when you let him dress himself… I asked him to come and take some pictures with me and let him choose what he wanted to wear.

Stripey red pants… check

A super hero cape…. check

Yellow bumble bee gumboots… check (it was raining after all)

Umbrella… check

Little crochet monkey, mummy made last week…. check!

He is all kinds of cute this kid. He would live in dress-ups, anything yellow, or anything remotely resembling a bumble bee. This morning we went in to watch Will’s assembly item at school (I forgot the camera though, bugger  ), and Arch insisted on wearing his superman costume. Whatever floats your boat buddy… 😀

Will’s assembly item was adorable, aren’t they all just? They sang “I can sing a rainbow.” paired with sign language. Super cute!

I do relish these times, days where I sit back, watch the boys and I just want to bust with pride. Love them all so much. Clever little darlings. xx

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3 thoughts on “Day 321

  1. Definately unique that one and sooooo gorgeous, you have every right to be proud

  2. Oh my goodness!!! HOW GORGEOUS IS HE?! Makes you want to give him squashy hugs!

  3. Amber K

    Gorgeous shots and they perfectly capture your little guy’s style. Love it 🙂

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