Day 275

Monday 01.10.2012

After a series of unpleasant events, I’ve pretty much banned games in our home. Not the board game kind of games, but more the playstation and ipad type games. I’ve also ruled out television for the majority of the day. I’m aiming for a two hour maximum of all electronic media – games + computer + television in any one given day.

Well you would think that I would have had a pretty hard time over the last few weeks implementing this change, especially as it’s been school holidays. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve given games the flick and in return I have been given 3 adorable boys who love to use their imaginations and play ‘real’ games together. Here they are playing a game where Will is the game-show host and the other boys are the contestants. He asks them questions and they have to guess the answers. It is seriously cute, and just the most lovely thing to listen to. Ad and I were called in to have a turn being contestants too which was pretty funny.

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One thought on “Day 275

  1. Nikki Mudge

    Love love love this great idea well done…. Love imaginations…

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