Day 248

Wednesday 05.09.2012 Eli’s Birthday

Today is Eli’s birthday. I don’t want him to be three! I want him to be 18 months again. I know today I have to say goodbye to babies and infants in our home. Our baby is three and is becoming a big boy. He is, and will be our last so I’m a little bit sad.

That said though, I am so proud of the little man he is becoming. Such an independent little guy. He insists on doing EVERYTHING himself. Dressing and undressing, brushing his teeth, getting in and out of the bath. Pretty much everything except using the toilet, which he refuses to do AT ALL!

He is a sweet boy, with a caring nature. He is clever, and is showing a very witty sense of humor. He loves to make us all laugh, especially his brothers. He is active, but cautious and doesn’t hurt himself very often.

He has the most wonderful eyes, the bluest blue, framed by enviably dark and long eyelashes. He is fair haired, which surprised Adam and I as we are both dark, and has a very slight tinge of red when it’s been in the sun over summer.

Time is just going so quickly, I’m trying to grab and clutch every precious moment. I am grateful for this project. It is helping me to document our lives, and note down memories and events as they occur. If I photograph it, if I write about it; it will all be written down and I will never forget.

I love you baby, my baby you will always be.

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