Day 230

Friday 17.08.2012

We decided to take off on a last minute trip down to Sydney.

Brilliant fun. We wanted to ride the monorail as we’d heard that it was being taken down soon, so we did that when we first got to sydney. The kids thought it was awesome. We went and had THE BEST Chinese EVER at a restaurant in China town… I would go back to Sydney just to go to the Chinese place again. mmmm.

We then headed over to the Powerhouse museum. The boys had a blast. It really was so good… oh, except for the cranky old lady who worked there and followed us around nearly the whole time… acting as though we were bogans about to steal or trash something. I’m not really sure why though? We didn’t stand out and the boys were on their absolute best behaviour. Maybe she was bored… or just saw three boys and assumed that they would be trouble? Old “insert swear word” lady! The wiggles area was sooo cool, the kids area was awesome… Oh and the science-y bit. Great day out all round.

We then headed out to the motel where we were staying. 180 degree views over the city… nice :o) I let the boys jump on the beds… shhh don’t tell anyone.

After dinner we were off to bed to watch tele, and a good nights sleep for another big day tomorrow.

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