Day 224 – 225

Saturday – Sunday 11.08.2012 & 12.08.2012

We had a VERY lazy day on Saturday. Just what the doctor ordered. A good lazy day of doing not much at all. I wanted to give the kids a break from the camera so decided to take lots on Sunday to make up for it. The weather has been wild the last week. Wild winds and crazy storms, so when the sun came out and smiled it’s warmth, we headed out to the park for a kick around.

It was so good to get out of the house and to have a run in the sunshine. Will and Da had ‘how high can you kick’ comps, They both impressed me with how high they could kick the ball, though I’m a little surprised we came back with all 3 balls considering the amount of trees around down there. Arch, Eli and I passed the soccer balls around. It constantly astounds me how quickly the boys pick up ball skills, and how they become competent at something with very little practice. I love that Arch and Eli can dribble the soccer balls around, pass and catch them. And Will is getting really good at passing the football too, well aimed, with the proper spin and everything. I so enjoy these days, I can see us out with our mini team in years to come doing the same thing. 😀

Eli was funny, he kinda went wild. Running and running and running around the field. Chasing us and dangling from our legs and arms. He started a game of dodge-ball and squeals of delight rang out as he tried to avoid being hit by the ball.

Arch got a bit tired and over the game, so we went on a nature hunt. Looking for signs of animals and bugs. We found some pretty suspicious tracks and a few holes, but weren’t sure what they were from. We decided it wasn’t a good idea to dig to find out. Good choice Arch. We found a cocoon with the butterfly still inside, and are going to go back this week to see if it’s hatched. We also found some stinky poop, clearly, we decided that was a bad one to examine closely.

Not long after the rain came again, and I am grateful for the beautiful sunshine we had, even for a short few hours.

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