Days 209 – 211

Friday – Sunday  27.07.2012 – 29.07.2012

Friday we headed down to Bathurst for two reasons. First to meet baby Eden, and the second was to attend the farewell of the Butcher Shop.

Mum and Dad have owned and run what we’ve always called “the shop” for over a quarter of a century. It’s always been a part of their lives and a large part of ours too. It’s where we could find dad if we needed him. It’s where we spent many a school afternoon and Saturday morning running deliveries and washing up the tubs.

We’ve seen a lot of faces through the shop, workers and customers alike. I was humbled to see the turn out to the Keppel Meats farewell. Many, many people came and wished my parents all the best, gave them gifts, and sounded out a final hurrah to the business that is Keppel Meats. As a nice surprise, a folk band came and played out the back, as we all bopped along to the tunes, drinking wine and telling stories. It was so lovely to see how much of an impact my parents have made on the community.

Unfortunately, while we were visiting our beloved grandfather “pop” fell ill, very ill. He was placed in ICU with pneumonia… it was very scary. My grandmother was up at the hospital waiting and waiting for days. Many of my family came to town and at one point I think there were about 15 or so of us up at the hospital, hoping for good news. We went home knowing he was off the ventilator, unfortunately he had to go back on it the next morning. We’ve been hoping and praying for his return to good heath every hour of the day. Next time Pop would like us all to get together, I think a reunion may be a better idea 🙂 Get better soon sweet Pop xx


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One thought on “Days 209 – 211

  1. How bittersweet that must have been for you and your parents. I hope your pop is doing better now.

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