Day 204

Sunday 22.07.2012

We headed into Newcastle again for another visit to the Frontline hobby shop. That place is insane! Seriously, a boys toy paradise. We tried our best to keep tabs on the boys but they just kept scattering from one end of the store to the other. Once we had finally reigned them all in, we decided on some birthday pressies for William. Can’t wait till his birthday so he can play with them!

Inside the store they have a huge train tack set up, you know those old fashioned metal ones that go on the big boards. With the stations, the little painted people and the trees and everything. The boys were beaming. Round and round it went, press the button when it stops, and around and round it goes all over again.

In this photo I got a bit of a shock …(Okay A LOT of a shock, my blood ran cold and I felt a bit nauseous.) When I was looking through the pics on my camera’s LCD and I saw something in there… in the glass, in the reflection. Ewww. Can you see it?


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One thought on “Day 204

  1. Hmm I do see it, can’t make out if it is a young girl or boy, maybe you should send it into one of the magazines and ask their psychics who it might be.

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