Day 192 – 194

Tuesday – Thursday 10.07.2012 – 12.07.2012

Headed down to Bathurst, I didn’t take too many shots while I was down there with the big camera but here are a few I took on my phone. Our family is getting so big, it’s the most wonderful thing. Here are some of our little lovelies enjoying time together.


I took the boys to visit my recently departed grandmothers grave. She was buried beside my grandfather, here are their graves, side-by-side, 40 years between passing. My Mumma, she was the most beautiful soul. Rest in peace beautiful lady.


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One thought on “Day 192 – 194

  1. Having a big family is so much fun! I miss my family, as we live across the country from most of them now.

    The photo of your grandparents’ graves is very striking- there’s so much to think about in that photo. It especially evokes, for me, what it means to spend your life with your spouse and to have that link forever, even after the other has passed, and then to be together again for eternity. Very thought provoking.

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